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Safety & Security Resources

Quadrangle strives to provide our residents with the means to take responsibility for their own personal safety and security. We hope that by providing this information, we have given you insight that will help you make an informed decision in selecting your new home.

How can I find information on neighborhood safety?

The Washington University Police Department, the University City Police Department and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department all have safety information on their websites.

Here are some helpful links:

Washington University Police Department

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department 

University City Police Department Note: all of our buildings are located within the southeast region

Crime Prevention and Safety

Safety & Security Tips

Lock your doors and windows even when you are at home.

Never sleep with doors or windows unlocked or open.

Never answer your door unless you know who is on the other side.

Be skeptical of anyone who asks to enter your home, even just to use the phone.

Quadrangle Service Personnel can easily be identified by a photo ID badge and uniform.

Do not lend out your keys. If you have lost or misplaced your key, you may make arrangements to have your locks changed. A fee may be charged.

Keep emergency numbers posted or stored in your phone.

Immediately report any needed repairs of locks, latches, doors or windows inside your apartment.

Check your smoke detector periodically to ensure that it is working.

Immediately report any needed repair of devices outside your apartment such as gate locks or burned out lights.

Close your curtains or blinds at night.

Mark or engrave personal possessions for identification.

Never leave children alone without appropriate supervision.

Report solicitors to management. Such personnel are not permitted on the property unless prior arrangements are made with management.

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